Read Our Full T&C

Set out below are the Terms and Conditions on which we base the services that Dental Health & Aesthetics (DHA) provide to their patients and clients. Please ensure that you have read and fully understood them prior to booking a consultation, appointment or treatment at any of our clinics. DHA reserve the right to alter these terms at any time, without warning, as we see fit.

1. Consultations
Consultations with our Dental Care Professional (DCP) or Therapists are free of charge and last between 10 to 30 minutes. If you provide us your correct e-mail and mobile phone number, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and an SMS reminder with information on clinic, date and time prior to your appointment. Following your consultation, you may book your appointment for treatment and you may be required to pay a deposit for the treatment.

Please note that for some procedures, may require a deposit to secure your booking for the consultation. This amount will be refunded to you on the day after your consultation. Should you wish to proceed with the procedure, then the amount can be deducted from your overall payment. The deposit will not be refunded in case of no-show.

2. Cancellation policy
If you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, we ask for 48 hours’ notice. Failure to do so will result in losing your booking fee. This enables us to avoid wastage of materials and DCP/ therapists’ time, mixing product in advance and to adjust our booking list and to offer the slot to another client, as there is very high demand for our appointments and our therapists’ availability.
3. Treatment suitability

Our DCP/therapists will assess whether a treatment is suitable for you, or likely to be successful, prior to any treatment being carried out. We reserve the right to refuse treatment if the treatment is deemed as either not suitable for any reason or not likely to be successful.
We expect that you will follow our guidance on preparation for treatments that require a specific protocol. Failure to follow the preparation protocol may result in cancellation of your treatment.

4. Children
Any client who requires a consultation and or treatment and brings a child with them must also be accompanied by another adult to chaperone the child whilst the client is being treated. Failure to bring an adult chaperone with any child may result in the treatment being cancelled. No children under the age of 16 years must be left unattended within the clinic at any time.
5. Packages and Courses of Treatments

When purchasing packages and courses, if the whole amount is paid for in full before the first treatment and, for medical reasons, it is agreed to stop treatments during the course, any refund agreed is calculated by deducting the full list price of all treatments already taken, plus any charged for non-attendance, from the total price of the course of treatment, with the difference returned to you.

6. Liability

DHA will not be liable in contract, or otherwise for any economic loss (including, without limitation, loss of profit), or for any other special, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with, its provision of any goods and/or services to the client.
It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he or she provide DHA with all the relevant medical details and history prior to each treatment. DHA will not be liable for any damage that occurs as a result of the client’s failure to disclose such details.

The client agrees to comply with all instructions and/or recommendations given to them by, or on behalf of, DHA regarding the care of a treated area.
After injectable treatments, clients receive a follow- up, usually within 2-4 weeks of the procedure. Any corrective work, or any added treatment deemed necessary by the doctor and the client, is provided at the follow- up appointment. DHA are not responsible for any further claims by the client in relation to the aesthetic treatment.

7. Gift Cards and Vouchers

To use the Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers against treatments, products and packages, you will need to provide the card or voucher and you need to use them within the stated period of validity on the card/voucher. They are transferable, but not exchangeable for money.

8. Your right to complain

DHA is committed to treating all its clients appropriately, compassionately and fairly. If, however, you have an issue with any matter in relation to your treatment at DHA you are entitled to log a complaint. For privacy and data protection reasons, you are required to do this in writing by a signed letter sent by post or a scanned signed letter sent by e-mail from your own account. If you require assistance with making your complaint, DHA will be pleased to help and support you through the process. You will need to send in the complaint letter to:

Dental Health & Aesthetics, Belfairs Clinic , FAO The Clinic Manager, 313 Eastwood Road North, Leigh on sea, Essex SS9 4LT or e-mail your scanned, signed letter to

The member of staff who initially receives the complaint will convey the details to the Clinic Manager or their designated deputy. You will receive a letter or e-mail within three working days to confirm that an investigation into the matter is underway and that a response will be made as soon as possible. Complaints of a non-medical nature will be handled in their entirety by the Clinic Manager and their line manager.
In the case of a treatment-related complaint, the matter will be discussed with the relevant practitioner/s and may require you to attend an additional consultation with that practitioner or an alternative member of the clinic’s medical team, including the Clinic Director. The objective of this is to provide an explanation or a solution to your concerns. DHA’s aim to provide you with a full written response within 20 working days or where this is not possible, an explanation as to the cause of the delay.

10. Returns and Refund Policy

Products will be exchanged within 14 days of purchase only provided the products have not been opened or used.
DHA will not provide refunds on treatments that have been provided in good faith with all appropriate procedures and consents. However, we may, at our discretion honour refunds on treatments if we deem it justified.