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If you would like whiter teeth, but would prefer to whiten at home, we have teamed up with Philips Zoom! so you can do just that. Philips Zoom! DayWhite and NiteWhite used the most innovative and advanced formulas in professional take-home whitening, giving patients a visibly whiter smile after just three days.



The convenient and flexible range means we can customise a whitening plan to fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Following a discussion around the treatment options available, your dental therapist will take impressions of your teeth and arrange production of your bespoke whitening trays. Your therapist will then recommend the best treatment options and whitening regime and show you exactly what you need to do to whiten at home.

If you are committed to a whitening regime and are willing to invest the time, you will not be disappointed with the results.

Treatments are simple to apply, require no refrigeration and have a natural, mint-flavoured taste.

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    The answer is no. It will not damage your teeth. It can however cause temporary tooth sensitivity which can be managed. If you follow the guidance, you will safely whiten your teeth to achieve the perfect result you are after. If you place too much whitening gel into your trays, you can cause sensitivity to your gums, which again is easily managed.

    We usually say between 2-3 weeks of regular use, to achieve a desirable result. This is totally dependent on patient cooperation and lifestyle (e.g. tea, coffee, smoking).

    We advise daily use for around 2-3 weeks. We don’t expect people to maintain this level (you may forget sensitivity), but if you can do it more often than not, you will get a great result. It’s a chemical reaction that’s happening on the teeth, so once that’s heightened you want to keep it going. If you do it once a week, you won’t notice the difference.

    Anything that could stain a white t-shirt.

    • Tea and Coffee
    • Dark foods (curry, beetroot)
    • Green teas
    • Smoking

    If you must have that caffeine fix, use more milk and if possible drink it through a straw!

    We want to achieve the famous ‘A1/B1’ shade? This is the lightest shade on a natural tooth shade guide. Everyone is different, and every tooth is different. Shades can vary, and teeth can also have more than one shade to them. An example being, the neck of the tooth (the bit by the gum) is always darker compared to the tip of the tooth.

    Many factors can cause your teeth to look ‘yellow’. Age, poor oral hygiene, genetics, tooth decay and tooth wear, (erosion, over brushing) wears your enamel down. Underneath enamel is called Dentine, which is yellow in colour. Once enamel wears down or is taken away to expose the underlying dentine, your teeth will start to look darker. So, before you even think about using any kind of whitener, see your dental care professional, so you can treat any underlying issues. You might also find that a hygiene session can remove the staining caused by tea, coffee, red wine or smoking.

    No. Whilst it will help remove stains, it will also wear down your enamel due to its abrasive nature. So actually, you could be doing more damage than good, and at the same time making your teeth look darker in colour.

    You should be using a specific sensitive toothpaste. Spit don’t rinse and maybe use a non-alcoholic fluoride rinse at a separate time during the day. Your dental care professional at DHA will advise you on this.

    We strongly advise an oral heath assessment and hygiene appointment. This is to check you are dentally fit and suitable for treatment. We can also make sure your gum health is in order and remove plaque and stains which will inhibit the whitening of your teeth and provide you with oral health advice to get the best out of your whitening, and manage your sensitivity. Regardless of whitening, its important to have regular checks for gum health and oral cancer, so see your dental care professional regularly.

    Unfortunately, no. Pregnancy, breast feeding, infants and certain oral health complications and medical issues may not allow you to have whitening at this time.

    Remember, whitening doesn’t work for everyone. Dark brown or grey shaded teeth may not respond so well or at all to whitening. Whitening also won’t work if the discoloration was caused by medications or an injury such as trauma. Finally, whitening doesn’t work on crowns, veneers, or fillings.

    Yes, of course, but ideally, we whiten the teeth first to then match the composite shade to your nice new whitening shade. Once your composite is on your teeth it cannot be whitened, but the natural tooth surface surrounding it can.

    Teeth whitening must be carried out by in indemnified dental professional who is insured and registered. Please don’t take the risk and put a price on your health by seeing someone who is not legally allowed to do so.

    In an over-the-counter kit, the generic trays won’t fit your mouth properly and you could swallow chemicals, burn your mouth or tongue and cause permanent gum shrinkage. Whitening toothpastes will not contain a high enough percentage of the key whitening ingredient, by law, so it won’t whiten your teeth to the level of a professional whitening at DHA.

    The theory is they are supposed to activate the peroxide in the whitening gel supplied. If that was a real UV light, you could be doing serious damage to the oral tissues in your mouth. Somehow, I can’t imagine it is. Maybe if there was any evidence to show us this works, then maybe we could be persuaded otherwise.

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