Teeth Straightening

Dental Health and Aesthetics are excited to introduce our clear aligner teeth straightening treatment, carried out from the comfort of your own home.

Dental Health and Aesthetics have teamed up with 32co to offer our patients the ability to straighten there teeth with our very own clear aligners!

Clear aligner technology has gone from strength to strength in recent years and delivers continuous results of correcting malocclusions that once would of been only able to correct with fixed braces.

So what are clear aligners?

Transparent plastic trays that are changed regularly as they adjust and align your teeth.
They are the most discreet and comfortable orthodontic treatment, not to mention affordable!

 32co founded by doctors and dentists with a passion for the highest quality oral health and cosmetic dental outcomes for patients. Their products are exclusively prescribed by top dentists with cosmetic expertise.

Step 1 – A full assessment, radiographs, photographs and impressions are taken and sent off to our specialists to ensure you are suitable for treatment.

Step 2 – We present your plan, animation video and discuss the details and duration of your treatment with you before answering any questions you may have

Step 3 – Once your happy with you plan we order the trays which usually take a 10 days to arrive, we then schedule an appointment to fit your attachments (composite, tooth coloured material which helps retain the trays and guide movement). You are sent home with your trays at this appointment along with detailed instructions.

Step 4 – You will update your progress with regular ‘check ins’ in the comfort of your own home. Once you have started treatment, you will have access to cosmetic dental support 7 days a week, providing you the support you need, without multiple trips to the clinic.

Step 5 – Once your happy with the position of your teeth the attachments are then removed and retainers are given to ensure your teeth are retained to the position you have straightened them to

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